Friday, October 8, 2010

          Happy D.I.Y Pelamin : Before & After

          It's been almost three months but I have not done blogging about my brother’s wedding. Read earlier posts here and here. This entry will be a short one, of our very own D.I.Y pelamin. Spending thousands of RM on a pelamin would cause a serious damage to our budget. So we commissioned a local carpenter to build us a base for the pelamin and later did the decoration ourselves. 

          Metres of cloth and fabric are from my mom's collection. The same chair & mini stage were used at my wedding & my sister's. We bought only three things for this pelamin. One is the glass lantern, and the other two, were bought at a shop selling bakery supplies. Any guess?

          They are, the shining gold doily paper and the mini crown on top of the pelamin. It's made out of round gold mini cake cardboard, commonly used as base for mini cakes.

          Something Old
          Set merenjis
          Something New
          Glass lantern
          Something Borrowed
          Tapak pahar
          Something Blue
          Bunga telur


          1. Mahal tak kalau upah orang buat base tu?

          2. Tengok tempat dan harga upah tukang kayu. Tukang kayu kat tempat kami ni cuma caj kita orang rm200 utk base pelamin ni.

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