Monday, August 16, 2010

          Happy D.I.Y Hall : Before & After

          Previous entries on this wedding reception are posted here and here.

          We started off preparing the hall two weeks prior the reception. My father and I checked out the hall, accompanying us was Pak Din, the carpenter we had hired to build the pelamin. Six years ago he built my pelamin and my sister's three years later. We were very fortunate to have the hall newly painted by the Majlis Daerah Rompin and the colours matched the wedding theme perfectly.

          Majlis Daerah Rompin gave us the green light to begin work two days before the big day. The family, cousins, aunts, uncles all gathered together and with full force, started off by arranging all the tables & chairs. Pak Din came and had the pelamin assembled & erected early so I could begin work on the decorations. Yup, that's me laboring over the doily papers for the pelamin. All the table top covers, clothes for the scallops & table skirting are my mother's. Yes, the banquet chair covers & the ribbon sets too. She has a stockpile of them, which she had earlier bought for my wedding and my sister's.

          We had the hall all to ourselves so we placed some mats on the floor, we had picnic, and we even brought some pillows. My sister and I brought our kids along and the hall provided a very spacious area for them to run around and boy, they had a ball!

          On the eve of the big day, the caterer came to set up the tables with plates, drinking glasses and such. We installed some light bulbs for the pelamin, placed the telur rebus on all four bunga telur stands, did a sound check, did the bunga manggar and many more of teeny meeny touching-ups.

          17th July came and feeling a bit discontented with the table top settings done by the caterer the night before, we spent the last few hours before the event to finish off the pelamin, the main tables and the VIP’s. We took a few rounds inspecting the hall, lit some candles and headed home to get ready.

          Finally, after working vigorously for two days and nights, everything is all set and ready to receive the guests.

          Postings on pelamin and door gifts are to follow soon.


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