Monday, July 4, 2011

          A quickie!

          Salam and good morning to everyone!

          How was your weekend? 

          Ours was a blast! The expo was a success and the response exceeded our expectation. We even had fans coming to Wangsa Walk Mall, from outside of Selangor, just to meet us. 

          We owe our heartiest thanks to everyone who dropped by our booth during the expo. Everyone were so nice to us & very supportive. Being a newcomer in this industry, we are humbled by this experience. 

          We will blog more about the expo later, with loads of pics! Stay tuned ya!

          Lotsa Love,

          Sunday, July 3, 2011

          It's a date! And this is a sticky post.

          Please scroll down for our recent designs.

          It's our first wedding expo and we are so excited! Only a month from now, and preparations are well underway. We will be giving out special discounts, and there's a contest in planning with lots of giveaways such as cash vouchers & freebies. 

          Ekpo Kahwin KL 2011 in July is the third wedding expo organized by, and there will be 30 wedding vendors participating during the three-day event. 

          This will be the best venue to meet us personally and take a look at our previous works. So, please visit us at booth E07, from 1st to 3rd July 2011 at Wangsa Walk Mall.

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