Monday, April 18, 2011

          Izwan & Farhana

          Here, sharing one of my favourite love songs,
          The Beatles' Real Love.

          All my little plans and schemes,
          Lost like some forgotten dreams.
          Seems that all I really was doing
          Was waitin' for you.

          Just like little girls and boys,
          Playing with their little toys.
          Seems like all we really were doing
          was waitin' for love.

          Don't need to be alone,
          No need to be alone.

          It's real love, it's real,
          Yes it's real love, it's real.

          From this moment on I know,
          Exactly where my life will go.
          Seems that all I really was doing
          was waitin' for love.

          Don't need to be afraid,
          No need to be afraid.

          It's real love, it's real,
          Yes it's real love, it's real.

          Thought I'd been in love before, 
          But in my heart I wanted more.
          Seems like all I really was doing
          Was waitin' for you.

          Don't to be alone,
          No need to be alone.

          It's real love, it's real,
          Yes it's real love....

          Essential450 Package

          Essential500 Package

          Free A3-size signages for orders with full upgrades, with fluorescent-colour arrow stickers.

          Congratulations Farhana & Izwan. Wishing you a marriage filled with love & joy!

          Tuesday, April 12, 2011

          Paper plates rock!

          I know paper plates are often used in arts & crafts but this is so awesome! 
          Note to readers : I am so deep in my works so this is suppose to be a very short entry but apparently it is not, because this is so awesome!
          Note to self : Do not make this a practice, you've got almost-endless deadlines. But this is so fantastically awesome!

          It's a habit to have a stash of paper plates in my home, new or recycled ones. My husband and I often take our girls out for quick picnic so I could just grab some whenever we go out. Besides that, paper plates are a great tool to keep my girls busy, so they don't bother their busy mom.

          Kids drawing on paper plates, are pretty common, aren't they? But what about, Paper-Plate Polyhedron? See below.

          Looking for some hanging lanterns for your event without burning a hole in your pocket?
          Make your own!

          close up view

          One word : Awesome!

          Who are responsible for such creative project?
          Visit their blog here.
          "Maureen (Anders) and the new girl, Adria (Ruff), were complete strangers until a preschool open house. In the hallway before parting, they realized that they had a lot in common - the love of all things paper, parties, design and art. From there a wonderful friendship formed and they decided to embark upon a business together! Both devoted and passionate about graphic design, they hoped to change the face of celebration style for those who love it as well."

          Can't wait to DIY? Click here for tutorial. Have fun!

          Sunday, April 10, 2011

          Faiza & Farhati

          All our designs are adjustable to fit into your choice of card, be it a non-folded, one-piece card or even 3-folds A4 size paper. Faiza & Farhati's invitation card was originally designed onto a one-piece, non-folded card. See the original design here.

          Wedding invitation card
          folded 90mm x 166mm

          3' x 8'

          2' x 6'
          Free bunting for every 1000 pieces of invitation card.
          Exclusively for our Facebook buddies.

          To Farhati & Faiza, I wish you all the best for your big day. Thank you very much.

          Wednesday, April 6, 2011

          Ehsan & Farhana

          Warning : Lovey-dovey posting ahead. Proceed with care.

          Having too much on my plate, right now, I have less time to update this blog and even less time to write. However, there's one thing I would like to share. It's a beautiful thing, when two people fall in love with each other and committed to spend the rest of their lives together. What I love most about my 'job' is, there's so much love in the air, and I get to fall in love with my husband over & over again. We are celebrating our 7th anniversary this year. It's been seven colourful years and we are ready for many more.

          Wedding invitation, front view

          Full view
          A4 size / Z-fold
          260gsm artcard

          2' x 6'  bunting

          To Ehsan & Farhana, may Allah bless you with happiness, love & prosperity for the rest of your life. 
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