Thursday, January 26, 2012

          Congratulations winners!

          We are a tad bit late than promised but it's here, the list of our giveaway contest winners!

          Congratulations to all and a big thank you from us for your time and effort, participating in our 1st ever contest. InsyaAllah more will come, if not too soon. Please join our Facebook page, for more current and frequent updates.

          Our winners, hats off to each and everyone of you!

          Six most voted cards:
          1) Amy & Naz
          2) Zarith & Amran
          3) Najmi & Shariman
          4) Ili Farhana & Saiful Amri
          5) Sahzana & Shahrizal
          6) Sue & Faris

          Four best blog reviews which each will receive a mystery gift:
          1) Menahumairaa Mahmud
          2) pika pikah
          3) Zirah
          4) mrs irmidrza to be

          Please email your mailing address to soonest possible. Congratulations and again many many thanks!

          Thursday, January 19, 2012

          Huda & Adril

          Wedding invitation card
          Wallet card
          290mm x 105mm(open)/155mm x 105mm(close)
          260gsm artcard

          Wednesday, January 18, 2012

          Azmeer & Iffah

          We are featuring our latest greeting/invitation card format, folded square cards with dimensions of 150mm x 150mm. For your information, there is no charge for the design works, unless you specifically request for commissioned artworks, without printing that is. So, you may choose any of our previous designs, and we will adjust it according to your colour theme and, to fit into your choice of card format and size.

          Below are four sets of invitation cards designed based on this wedding card.

          Set 1 : Azmeer & Iffah
          Wedding invitation card
          C12 format, folded 150mm x 150mm
          260gsm artcard + matte lamination

          Thank you tag
          50mm x 50mm
          230gsm ivory white card

          RSVP card
          Postcard format
          184mm x 112mm
          260gsm artcard

          Set 2 : Shida & Hafiz

          Set 3 : Noorsalfarina & Salahuddin
          Wedding invitation card
          C6 format, folded 166mm x 90mm
          260gsm artcard

          Thank you tag + 2012 calendar
          90mm x 54mm

          Set 4 : Muna & Razreen
          Wedding invitation card
          C4 format, non-folded 180mm x 110mm
          260gsm artcard

          1 Giveaway, 12 Winners!

          Announcing our first ever GIVEAWAY!

          Why a giveaway?
          Simple, we want to give away tokens of appreciation for the wonderful support we've been receiving from our customers, fans and blog readers, for the past few years.

          Twelve prizes, really?
          As most of you already know, I am a big fan of all things DIY. So, when I started the new hobby, I knew instantly, they should be something handmade-with-lotsa-love, and as many prizes as the budget allows. I really did enjoy making them, so there will be not only one winner, but twelve! Yes, we are giving away twelve prizes.

          Why twelve? Won't the giveaway be less 'special'?
          Definitely the opposite. Where we are today is because of you, the customers, fans & loyal readers. So, if we can give more, why not give more? That, and just because I had fun working with the colourful yarns I could not stop at one, or two, or three...

          How does this work?
          1. Taking part is easy, a) read the questions; b) write your answers in the comment box below this entry.
          2. The prizes are divided into three categories:
            • Category A - Six for the participants (those who leave the best answers in the comment box)
            • Category B -  Another six for the couples whose invitation cards gather most votes.
            • Category C -  Additional four (4) mystery gifts for four participating bloggers who have written a review about us.
          3. This giveaway runs from today, 27th of December 2011 until 16th of January 2012.
            What are the questions?
            1. Among artchetak's previous invitation card design, which is your favourite? Write the name of the bride & groom of your choice.
            2. What is your dream invitation card design, if money is not an issue?
            3. If you've blogged about us, please leave the link to your entry.
            What are the prizes?
            Each frame, each crochet flower is handmade by yours truly. I experimented with different type of yarns & several patterns for beginners, and decided on one specific pattern with my own little twist.

            All photographs are by LensaMataHati Photography. Beginning December 2011, you may choose to pay by installments, without interest, if you choose their VIP package. Do visit their blog for more information.
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