Friday, October 29, 2010

          Of Stickers & Tags

          Besides our standard size thank you tags & stickers, we do have a few more options for those with bigger budgets. Please be kindly reminded that the minimum order for the ones listed below is 500 pieces, unless stated otherwise. If you wish to order less than that, please go to Luvlythots. Do forward you inquiries to Fasya, the blog owner. Don't worry, she won't bite.

          80mm x 80mm / 260gsm art card:
          500pcs (RM150)
          1000pcs (RM200)
          1500pcs (RM250)
          2000pcs (RM300)

          80mm x 80mm / 80gsm mirrokote stickers. 
          500pcs (RM210)
          1000pcs (RM370)
          1500pcs (RM540)
          2000pcs (RM700)

          182 mm x 54mm / 260gsm art card:
          100pcs RM75.00
          200pcs RM85.00
          300pcs RM95.00
          500pcs RM110.00
          1000pcs RM140.00
          1500pcs RM190.00
          2000pcs RM250.00

          Please contact Luvlythots for price quotation if the order is less than 500pcs (80mm x 80mm tags & stickers).

          Tuesday, October 26, 2010

          Terma & Syarat

          TERMA & SYARAT
          1. Pengesahan tempahan  (bayaran deposit & penyerahan borang) untuk custom design sepenuhnya perlu dibuat 2 bulan sebelum tarikh kutipan/serahan.
          2. Bagi pengesahan tempahan  (bayaran deposit  & penyerahan borang) yang dibuat kurang daripada 2 bulan sebelum tarikh kutipan/serahan, pelanggan hanya boleh memilih artwork daripada rekaan-rekaan yang sedia ada. Tetapi masih boleh untuk membuat perubahan-perubahan berikut:
            - Format kad
            - Susun atur layout
            - Warna tema
          3. Sekiranya pengesahan tempahan (bayaran deposit  & penyerahan borang) dibuat kurang daripada sebulan daripada tarikh kutipan/serahan, pelanggan hanya boleh memilih artwork daripada rekaan-rekaan yang sedia ada. Tetapi masih boleh untuk membuat perubahan-perubahan berikut:
            - Format kad
            - Warna tema
          4. Pengesahan tempahan yang dibuat kurang 2 minggu daripada tarikh kutipan/serahan dianggap sebagai rush order dan pelanggan hanya boleh membuat pertukaran warna tema sahaja dan akan dikenakan caj tambahan.
          5. Pelanggan perlu menyerahkan borang maklumat yang lengkap di isi berserta peta lengkap & sebarang sample/senarai sebagai panduan sebelum Artchetak memulakan fasa rekaan. Artwork pertama berdasarkan maklumat-maklumat ini tidak dikenakan sebarang caj. 
          6. Sebarang perubahan berikut hanya dibenarkan dilakukan sebanyak 3 kali selepas artwork pertama siap dan dihantar kepada pelanggan: Format kad Susun atur layout Warna tema Peta.
          7. Caj levi sebanyak RM50 untuk setiap artwork baru akan dikenakan jika perubahan yang diminta melebihi jumlah maksima atau pelanggan ingin menukar rekaan keseluruhan kad kepada yang baru.
          8. Sekiranya pelanggan membekalkan sebarang imej/clipart/pattern sendiri, pihak Artchetak akan membuat tapisan terlebih dahulu untuk mengelakkan timbulnya sebarang isu copyright.
          9. Pelanggan boleh memberi seberapa banyak contoh-contoh kad sebagai panduan untuk proses rekaan, tetapi Artchetak akan memasukkan interpretasi Artchetak ke dalam semua rekaannya dan hanya menggunakan elemen/ imej/clipart/pattern yang ada dalam sumber Artchetak.
          10. Pihak Artchetak mempunyai hak untuk menentukan sebarang rekaan & produk cetakannya adalah mengikut standard/prinsip rekaan Artchetak. 
          11. Pihak Artchetak tidak dapat menjanjikan warna hasil cetakan yang 100% sama dengan artwork yang telah dipersetujui kerana ia melibatkan dua penyelarasan warna iaitu pada pada skrin monitor komputer dan mesin cetak.
          12. Pelanggan bertanggungjawab memastikan maklumat yang diberi adalah lengkap, betul ejaan & struktur ayat serta tatabahasanya. Artchetak akan membuat edit secara copy & paste tanpa sebarang proof-reading kecuali yang dapat dikesan secara kebetulan.
          1. Pelanggan boleh mengisi borang tempahan yang boleh didapati di bahagian "Borang Tempahan" di laman Facebook Artchetak. 
          2. Deposit sebanyak RM50.00 (tempahan kad/tag/sticker/bunting) atau 50% daripada jumlah keseluruhan (tempahan beg kertas DIY) diperlukan untuk mengesahkan tempahan ke akaun Maybank berikut:
            - Maybank
            - 5628 3461 9278
            - Artchetak Enterprise
          3. Artchetak akan mengirim Borang Maklumat ke alamat email yang dibekalkan nanti. Sebarang pertukaran masih boleh dilakukan dan dimasukkan ke dalam borang tersebut.
          4. Emailkan bukti pembayaran (resit online transfer/slip ATM dsb) sertakan borang maklumat yang lengkap diisi bersama peta & gambar-gambar sampel (jika ada) ke
          5. Pelanggan boleh memilih mana-mana rekaan yang telah dimuat naik ke laman atau di Facebook page kami. Pelanggan juga boleh meminta rekaan baru untuk mengikut tema & konsep perkahwinan mereka tetapi tertakluk kepada Terma & Syarat.
          6. Fasa seterusnya, Artchetak akan mengirim draf artwork melalui email untuk pemeriksaan dan sebarang proses edit akan dijalankan sehingga pelanggan berpuas hati. 
          7. Untuk memudahkan urusan rekacorak & edit, kami nasihatkan pelanggan mengisi borang dengan selengkapnya dan diemailkan beserta contoh-contoh rekaan yang disukai sebagai panduan kami.
          8. Pelanggan bertanggungjawab memeriksa & proof-read setiap maklumat di dalam setiap artwork sebelum memberi pengesahan akhir, sebelum semua artwork dihantar untuk cetakan. Artchetak tidak bertanggungjawab sekiranya terdapat sebarang kesilapan yang tidak dikesan pelanggan semasa pemeriksaan akhir tersebut.
          9. Selepas artwork akhir sudah disahkan, Artchetak akan mengeluarkan invois dan baki bayaran perlu diselesaikan sebelum artwork dihantar untuk cetakan. Emailkan bukti pembayaran. 
          10. Sebarang pertanyaan boleh diajukan kepada
          11. Dengan pembayaran deposit, Artchetak menganggap semua pelanggan telah membaca dan bersetuju dengan terma & syarat tempahan yang kami senaraikan di dalam Borang Maklumat yang dibekalkan.

          Wednesday, October 20, 2010

          And then there were three...

          What is a sister?
          She is your mirror, shining back at you with a world of possibilities. She is your witness, who sees you at your worst and best, and loves you anyway. She is your partner in crime, your midnight companion, someone who knows when you are smiling, even in the dark. She is your teacher, your defense attorney, your personal press agent, even your shrink. Some days, she's the reason you wish you were an only child."
          Barbara Alpert, Author.

          A family photo on the bunting? Why not? A good thing about having your photo on a bunting is that, after the wedding's over, you could have it cut and framed.

          On another note, the above title is also the title of 9th studio album by the British group, Genesis, released in 1978.

          Tuesday, October 12, 2010

          Majlis Raikan Cinta

          How I wish I had more time to work on these. The request was to create banner & buntings that look like  movie posters.

          Fortunately the photos given to me needed just  a wee bit of touching up. Although an earlier plan was to to something like this, but given a short frame of time, within a few hours I came up with these. Congrats to Wan Sue & Hafiz and thank you very much.

          click on photo for better view

          Monday, October 11, 2010

          My Secret Garden

          When I was a kid, I read a book titled The Secret Garden written by Frances Hodgson Burnett. Years into my teenage life later, I watched it's movie adaptation directed by Agnieszka Holland. It's about a sad, miserable little English girl named Mary Lennox who discovers an enchanting secret garden. Friendships blossom between her and her cousin, and a boy who speaks with animals. It was a very beautiful movie and I've loved it ever since.

          Iryani's wedding theme is English Garden. A trip down the memory lane provided the inspiration. She loved the flowers, and requested for more. And I gladly obliged. Which girl doesn't love her flowers?

          RM450 package promotion

          25th Oct 2010 update:
          If you'd like to read Yanie's blog post on her wedding card, please go here.

          Yanie, it is my pleasure to do business with you. Thank you so much for your trust. I wish you all the best and may you & Azlan have a wonderful life together.

          Friday, October 8, 2010

          Happy D.I.Y Pelamin : Before & After

          It's been almost three months but I have not done blogging about my brother’s wedding. Read earlier posts here and here. This entry will be a short one, of our very own D.I.Y pelamin. Spending thousands of RM on a pelamin would cause a serious damage to our budget. So we commissioned a local carpenter to build us a base for the pelamin and later did the decoration ourselves. 

          Metres of cloth and fabric are from my mom's collection. The same chair & mini stage were used at my wedding & my sister's. We bought only three things for this pelamin. One is the glass lantern, and the other two, were bought at a shop selling bakery supplies. Any guess?

          They are, the shining gold doily paper and the mini crown on top of the pelamin. It's made out of round gold mini cake cardboard, commonly used as base for mini cakes.

          Something Old
          Set merenjis
          Something New
          Glass lantern
          Something Borrowed
          Tapak pahar
          Something Blue
          Bunga telur

          Tuesday, October 5, 2010

          When life gives you cotton make a hand bouquet

          I was looking for inspirations online when I saw this. 

          image source

          A cotton hand bouquet! Gorgeous! I dug deeper and I found some more...

          image source

          image source

          image source

          Monday, October 4, 2010

          Colour, colouring, coloured.

          One of the questions I got asked often is
           "What colours should be perfect for my wedding?"
          My answer is ANY colours are perfect. 

          I am, again, sharing my favourite blog & web for my colour inspirations. 

          The Perfect Palette has all sorts of colour combinations for weddings. It put not only two colours together, sometimes more than four in a scheme, and you also get to see hundreds of  inspiring photo collage.

          At COLOURlovers Community, you could meet colour-loving people from around the world. In this online community, they create and share colors, palettes and patterns, discuss the latest trends and explore colorful articles. You could also create your own colour palette, mix & match your own colour schemes online.

          My third favourite reference is the Wiki's List of Colours. They have names of hundreds of colours which are listed alphabetically and by shades. Does 'olive green' sound familiar? What about Army Green, or British Racing Green? Or Chartreuse, Celadon? and Pistachio is not just some nuts with shell. 

          However, here's a kind reminder. Whatever colour you see on your computer screen will be slightly different seen on mine or your designers'. And there is no guarantee that the colours on print is a 100% exact.

          Click above picture for larger view

          Zaini's colour palette has some very contrasting colours. It was quite a task to combine red & black and yellow & blue. The first draft was a no-go. The above is the final artwork which is ready for printing. Below is the first draft, which is one of my personal favourites, as at to date.

          Click above picture for larger view

          My advise to you is to be very detail on how you would like your card to be. Please don't feel as if you're being too fussy or difficult. It's your big day and therefore you should be. The first artwork is free but there will be a small charge for every totally new and different artwork. So please be as specific as possible in your description. You could read our F.A.Q page for further information.

          Friday, October 1, 2010

          Our designer Bride-to-be & Groom-to-be tees are now available for order!

          Here are our b2b & g2b A t-shirt series. Each t-shirt has a price tag of RM60. Why such a high price? It's made from high quality white microfiber which holds prints the best. Digitally printed so each design is highly detailed & due to our printer's unique printing method, the print won't crack or peel. More great news, they are available for now worldwide delivery!

          Free delivery within Peninsular Malaysia. Please add RM5.00 for Sabah & Sarawak.

          Please click on image for larger view.

          Personalized these two t-shirts with your own name.

          Code : GTB

          Code : BTB

          Other bride-to-be & groom-to-be tees

          Code : WIPG

          Code : WIPB

          Code : AWCB

          Code : AWCG

          Code : HWCH

          Code : HWCW

          Code : SUPERB

          Code : SUPERB

          This is perfect pair for the newlyweds.

          Code : NEWWED

          Want to buy a pair? or two? Here's how to order.

          Email these details of your chosen tee to :
          1. Design Code
          2. Customization e.g. your name (applies only for BTB and GTB only)
          3. Size :

          4. Quantity
          5. Delivery address
          6. Proof of payment (Online transfer receipt/ATM deposit slip/bank-in slip etc.).

          Running out of ideas on what to wear for your pre-wedding photoshoot? These tees are perfect for such occasion! Order now before the offer ends. Cheers!
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