Monday, October 4, 2010

          Colour, colouring, coloured.

          One of the questions I got asked often is
           "What colours should be perfect for my wedding?"
          My answer is ANY colours are perfect. 

          I am, again, sharing my favourite blog & web for my colour inspirations. 

          The Perfect Palette has all sorts of colour combinations for weddings. It put not only two colours together, sometimes more than four in a scheme, and you also get to see hundreds of  inspiring photo collage.

          At COLOURlovers Community, you could meet colour-loving people from around the world. In this online community, they create and share colors, palettes and patterns, discuss the latest trends and explore colorful articles. You could also create your own colour palette, mix & match your own colour schemes online.

          My third favourite reference is the Wiki's List of Colours. They have names of hundreds of colours which are listed alphabetically and by shades. Does 'olive green' sound familiar? What about Army Green, or British Racing Green? Or Chartreuse, Celadon? and Pistachio is not just some nuts with shell. 

          However, here's a kind reminder. Whatever colour you see on your computer screen will be slightly different seen on mine or your designers'. And there is no guarantee that the colours on print is a 100% exact.

          Click above picture for larger view

          Zaini's colour palette has some very contrasting colours. It was quite a task to combine red & black and yellow & blue. The first draft was a no-go. The above is the final artwork which is ready for printing. Below is the first draft, which is one of my personal favourites, as at to date.

          Click above picture for larger view

          My advise to you is to be very detail on how you would like your card to be. Please don't feel as if you're being too fussy or difficult. It's your big day and therefore you should be. The first artwork is free but there will be a small charge for every totally new and different artwork. So please be as specific as possible in your description. You could read our F.A.Q page for further information.

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