Monday, January 25, 2010

          Inspiration : Gourmet Invitations

          Above: Jillian & Todd-Love Bird Tattoo Invite by Gourmet Invitations

          Once engaged you'll be overwhelmed with to-do items. If you have plenty of help or you're equipped with time management skill, I'm sure you've got nothing to worry about. Still, the excitement will at first crowd your thoughts and you'll be in awe of the tasks await. Well, at least I was like that.

          Getting the perfect wedding invitation cards is a quite daunting task if you know exactly what you want or contrary, you don't even know what should be in your wedding cards.

          Tifany of Gourmet Invitations has ideas that will make you go ooohhss & aahhhss. They are gorgeous and classy. Each creation is artful and refreshing. They work closely with their customers so you'd see every work is tailor-made for each happy couple. From vintage record album invitations, to vintage library card invitations, they will blow you away. And don't forget to visit her blog for more eye-candy.

          Bookmark it! Trust me, your entire day is worth spending browsing this one blog.

          Friday, January 15, 2010

          Custom-made calendar.

          The request, came from a Facebook friend, was for 30 pieces 2010 calendars. Instead of a photo book, a personalized calendar is much better option if you want to wish friends or relatives a very happy new year.

          Wednesday, January 6, 2010

          Our 'Balik Kampung' break: Before.

          Hope it's not too late to wish everyone a Happy New Year and Salam Maal Hijrah to my muslim brothers and sisters.

          I was on a long break 'balik kampung' for my sister-in-law's wedding. It was my first Terengganu kampung wedding which I enjoyed every minute of it. It was busy, wet & fun event.

          I'm a scrapbook newbie and honestly, it's addictive. Here's my 1st scrapbooking project I did before my 'balik kampung' trip. A dedication to my best friend as her birthday gift, I spent a whole night getting it done. I used materials bought from here, here & here.

          Friday, January 1, 2010

          Frequently Asked Questions

          Why don't you list all your prices?
          Our focus is to help you, no matter how small your budget is. The purpose of not listing down price of each product is, so that you have a say in how much you're willing to spend. And on our part, we will suggest what suits your budget best. But, of course, the bigger budget you have, more options there are for you to choose from.

          I'm interested, what's next?
          First of all, you are welcome to contact us & talk to us about your intention, without any commitment attached. Ask as many questions as you have to. Once we have reached an agreement to proceed, a deposit, as minimum as RM50.00 is required to confirm your order. Email us a proof of payment together with the details of your requests/events. Please provide us with the full text of your wordings in a, no-formatting, text/word document. Please make sure all spelling are correct. Do forward us the sample pictures if you have any. Please be very clear of what you want and whatnots. Read more about artwork here.

          How long does is take?
          The construction of an artwork takes at least a minimum of three weeks, depending of the urgency of your order. Please note that we do charge for rush/emergency jobs. You can read about that here.

          We will arrange your order according to your deadlines. The balance is to be paid when the artwork is approved. Printing duration of each product differs from one another. Some paper types take longer time to print.

          Do you do meetings?
          Currently we could not accept any appointment, all communications are via emails only.

          Do you deliver?
          Yes and it's free within Bangi/Kajang/Putrajaya/Cyberjaya/Kelana Jaya & Puchong.

          What will it cost you for an product or service?
          Every invention, every product or service vary in their budgets and intended occasion.
          We do not put a fixed price for them but for card production and other printing services the price depends on differences in quantity, types of invitation cards, paper quality, printing methods and so on. Our coustomers only need to decide on their budget and the products they need and we will advise and give the right proposals towards getting what they planned for.

          What is the minimum quantity to order?

          For most of our products there is no minimum quantity order although for wedding cards we require a minimum order of  100 pieces.

          How do we order?
          Following the earlier discussion about costs and budget we will draft the theme and concepts via e-mail, online chat or phone call. After a decision has been made between both parties the digital artwork begin right after receiving a RM50 deposit from our client.

          The deposit will be deducted from the full payment later. Any changes or alterations in fonts, colours and sentence patterns will be attended to, till our clients are really satisfied. However, if a totally new artwork is required an extra RM50.00 is levied.

          It is adviseable that orders for printed cards are made 2 months before the ceremony. As for handmade cards 5 months are a comfortable duration. For rushwork/emergency we reserve the right to refuse but will try with consent/ surcharge.

          Why is the need for “deposit” before we begin the artwork?
          Although we have the templates, the process of gathering and fomulating ideas into visual images and designs take time and toil. If potential clients decide to terminate the order, by which time we have done part of the artwork we stand to loose time and effort – that is how the deposit helps to compensate our losses - not entirely enough though.

          Why the surcharge?
          To make sure that the rush order/emergency is completed in time, all other normal orders has to be put on hold so as to concentrate on the rush order. This situation could drive up the cost price on printing, labour and transport. These costs differ in every situation but it incure more than the normal. This is even more so when our rush orders put pressure on others to speed up their process.

          Could clients asks for samples?
          Not all products could be presented in samples. For cards (invitation cards, birthday cards, wedding cards etc) we could provide from previous jobs as samples or templates BUT prospective clients would have to certify their orders with a deposit as mentioned earlier. For handmade or personalised cards samples are subjected to a minimum fees of RM50.00( non-refundable).

          Why do we levy fees for the samples?
          We are committed always to giving quality products and a high standard of service to our clients and hence the fees for the samples. We could hope for the same degree of trust and commitment from our clients so as to safeguard the authenticity and the quality of our designs. It is a known fact that the costs of preparing a single sample is far more costly then the actual production (eg.a concept vehicle is far more expensive than a production car)

          Could the colour of the visual image be a 100% exact to its printing?
          No. This is the industrial discrepancies in the printing business where no two printing companies could get two different prints alike. There is no guarantee that the colours on print is a 100% exact.

          What about proof reading?
          We will not proof read the finished sample.We will correct any small oversight during the creation process if any is found. It is the full responsibility of the client to read thoroughly through the artwork before a written approval (sms/e-mail) is accepted .We will make the refinements to the certified artwork before the actual printing is done.
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