Wednesday, May 30, 2012

          Ejan & Rizal

          Theme : Vintage
          Colour palette : Purple & Teal

          E450 package
          Wedding invitation card
          Folded 90mm x 166mm
          230gsm ivory white

          Thank you tag
          54mm x 90mm
          260gsm artcard

          2' x 6'

          Sunday, May 20, 2012

          Yusra & Rus Zainoren Part II (Word-search puzzle invitation card)

          Alhamdulillah, my youngest sister tied the knot in March this year. And again, we did most of the preparation ourselves. What I love about weddings in the family, apart from the family gathering, preparing for the big day, it's the opportunity to play around with concepts or ideas for the invitation cards. 

          I've always had this idea, that an invitation card should not solely confined to one purpose which is to invite people. It should be fun! Because weddings are fun, aren't they? I've seen cards that are interactive, have puzzle-like features but they are usually expensive. So, how to turn a plain card into something all-the-above without the heavy price tag. And I decided on a word-search puzzle, but what about my parents' guests? As I wasn't sure if my idea would appeal to everybody, I finally made two type of invitations for my sister. This one here, is the 'formal' invitations, for the family, neighbours, friends and colleagues. It has the usual full invitation text, contact numbers, doa and a map. 

          The one below however, is a simple, straightforward invitation on a double-sided, non-foldable card. It has the same colour combination, the same design elements but, there's a word-search puzzle on the front. I didn't insert any instructions, because I want the receivers to try to figure out how to solve the puzzle themselves. There's no actual invitation text, just a some invitation-related words underneath the puzzle box, and those are actually the words hidden in the puzzle. And on the back of the card, there's the title at the top, the wedding date, the map & address and contacts numbers, just in case.

          The bride's word-search puzzle invitation card. 

          The groom's word-search puzzle invitation card. 

          I have several more puzzle card ideas, hopefully I'll get the opportunities to make them reality soon.
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