Tuesday, November 17, 2009

          The beauty of wrapping papers

          I LOVE wrapping papers. I think they are underrated. They could do wonders if you know exactly what to do with them besides wrapping gifts. Salute to the designers. Below are some of the pieces I did using 80cents wrapping papers & 20cents envelopes. If you do it yourself, these paper bags costs you almost next to nothing.

          A transformation

          Whenever I go on a 'gift-hunt', I do not necessarily pick ones that are new or look good. I found these ceramic 'bekas telur' on a dusty shelf in a gloomy looking shop. They were not much to look at but I instantly knew with a little work they would turn out looking lovely. Click on below image for larger view.

          - a, b & c -
          dusty, out-dated design, torn ribbons, loose beads

          - d -
          after a couple of hours and multiple injuries to the fingers, cleaned and ready for next step

          - e -
          light blue & white beads to match the wedding theme colour

          - f -
          finally, matching ribbons to finish it off.

          and voila!

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