Saturday, July 24, 2010

          Teaser Katalog Kad Hari Raya Aidilfitri 2010

          Kami masih agak sibuk dengan beberapa tempahan kad kahwin, menyebabkan pembikinan katalog kad ucapan Hari Raya agak perlahan. Kepada yang ternanti-nanti dan sudah mula mencari-cari di mana untuk membuat tempahan kad-kad ucapan Hari Raya, kami letakkan dahulu teaser katalog untuk tahun ini.

          Secara amnya, harga adalah antara RM1.40 - RM4.90 sekeping. Minima kuantiti tempahan ialah 100 keping untuk satu corak/jenis kad.

          Siri Baldu/Velvet series

          Siri Potongan Laser-Kayu/Wooden-Laser Cut series

          Siri Potongan Laser-Kertas/Paper-Laser Cut series

          Siri Cetakan Timbul & Hot-stamping/Emboss & Hot-stamping series

          Siri Besi-Tembaga Saduran/Copper-Metal plated series

          Siri Penanda Buku/Bookmark series

          Wednesday, July 21, 2010

          Happy D.I.Y

          Alhamdulillah, the wedding reception went smoothly. We were super busy, with sleepless nights. But we had tons of funs 'D.I.Y'ing the whole event.

          We engaged our photographer friends, Mr. Jai & Mr. Yus, for the reception, and as more photos are coming in, I will share a few more soon.

          Pretty photos make me happy, really really happy. Jai & Yus, thanks a lot. Job well done!

          Tuesday, July 13, 2010

          Black, red and all that glitters.

          Made these for a friend not long ago. I only helped with the packaging, using most commonly found materials which are envelopes, wrapping paper, ribbons, sugar paper, tracing paper & of course doily paper.

          Monday, July 12, 2010

          A family affair

          Yippee! Another balik kampung trip early tomorrow morning. We are having a wedding reception (my brother's that is) on the 17th and that also means another family gathering. Something which we've been looking for since our last family trip to Sedayu Lodge a year ago, exactly. Yes, you can reserve the whole lodge for your event.

          Almost all the uncles, aunties, cousins, in-laws, nieces, nephews will be there. Sadly, though, a few could not make it this year.

          So, dear all, we will be a bit lagging in replying your emails & inquiries, unintentionally. It WILL be a hectic weekend but we try to make time to get back to you the soonest possible.

          Another bunting, or is it banner?

          The artwork.
          RM60.00 each. RM100.00 for a set of two.
          (You can have two different designs in a set)
          Size : 2’ X 6’ Material : High-quality water-proof tarpaulin canvas
          Printing quality : Full colour 720dpi
          Finishing : 2 PVC piping

          The actual bunting, 2' X 6'.
          Please click here for more info on our bunting promotion.

          Thursday, July 8, 2010

          Money packets anyone?



          Our money packet orders are available now!

          Product description below :
          printing : full color (4c)
          actual size :
          mp1 : 115mm x 80mm
          mp2 : 155mm x 80mm
          mp3 : 155mm x 80mm
          material : 105gsm art paper
          finishing : die cutting & gluing
          optional : hot stamping
          packing : 10pcs / packet
          process : 14 working days

          We will upload the artwork & promotional price very soon!

          Wednesday, July 7, 2010

          Mix & Match

          If you are a member or or one of our Facebook page fans, please take the opportunity to get the best priced package from Artchetak.

          Let's see what this couple got for a RM450.00.
          500 pieces wedding card
          1 bunting (promotional price)
          1000 pieces thank you tags
          (please refer above artwork for type & size)

          Price includes design & envelopes.

          Why Not?

          Business cards are some of the printable products which take less amount of time to design & shortest printing duration. It is also one of the cheapest. So, why not use the templates and turn them into thank you tags?

          Details are as per below :
          Thank you tags, on business card template.
          max size : 90mm x 54mm
          min size : 40mm x 40mm

          Price for 260gsm artcard tags:
          100pcs : RM55.00
          200pcs : RM60.00
          300pcs : RM65.00
          500pcs : RM75.00
          1000pcs: RM95.00

          Price for 80gsm mirrokote stickers:
          500pcs : RM120.00
          1000pcs: RM200.00
          1500pcs: RM280.00

          More available materials:
          157gsm art paper + matt lamination (d)
          260gsm art card
          260gsm art card + matt lamination (d)
          260gsm art card + matt lamination (d) + spot uv (s)
          260gsm art card + gloss lamination (d)
          230gsm ivory white card
          230gsm fine linen
          230gsm fine vein
          230gsm modern embossed
          200gsm pvc
          250gsm platinum white

          Optional finishing with additional price :
          round corner
          punch hole
          die cutting(custom size)

          Saturday, July 3, 2010

          Doily inspired wedding decoration

          It's only two more weeks before my brother's wedding reception and I am still buried deep in my doily-stamping load. A few more days and I will be done. But loving the pretty paper so much, that I have to look up for more doily inspired projects. Here are some of what I have discovered & fallen in love with, thanks to the ever-so-helpful, Mr.Google.

          Table Setting

          image source

          Decorative Garland
          image source

          image source

          image source

          Wedding Favors
          image source

          Hanging Pom Pom
          image source

          Cake Decoration

          image source

          Thursday, July 1, 2010

          Simple, cute & wallet-friendly

          Introducing the latest type of our invitation/greeting cards.




          Price range starts from only
          RM0.70 each (1000pcs/260gsm art card) and
          RM0.95 each (500pcs/260gsm art card).
          Minimum quantity order of 500 pieces.
          Choice of materials :
          260gsm art card / matt art card
          230gsm ivory white
          210gsm fine linen
          250gsm line embossed
          250gsm tessel
          230gsm laid white
          230gsm laid cream
          230gsm pearl white

          Terms & Conditions
          1. Price includes personalized designs
          2. All cards come with plain white envelopes.
          3. Handmade embellishments are available with additional charges.
          4. Please refer to our FAQ for more information.

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