Wednesday, July 7, 2010

          Why Not?

          Business cards are some of the printable products which take less amount of time to design & shortest printing duration. It is also one of the cheapest. So, why not use the templates and turn them into thank you tags?

          Details are as per below :
          Thank you tags, on business card template.
          max size : 90mm x 54mm
          min size : 40mm x 40mm

          Price for 260gsm artcard tags:
          100pcs : RM55.00
          200pcs : RM60.00
          300pcs : RM65.00
          500pcs : RM75.00
          1000pcs: RM95.00

          Price for 80gsm mirrokote stickers:
          500pcs : RM120.00
          1000pcs: RM200.00
          1500pcs: RM280.00

          More available materials:
          157gsm art paper + matt lamination (d)
          260gsm art card
          260gsm art card + matt lamination (d)
          260gsm art card + matt lamination (d) + spot uv (s)
          260gsm art card + gloss lamination (d)
          230gsm ivory white card
          230gsm fine linen
          230gsm fine vein
          230gsm modern embossed
          200gsm pvc
          250gsm platinum white

          Optional finishing with additional price :
          round corner
          punch hole
          die cutting(custom size)

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