Sunday, March 28, 2010

          Custom made paper boxes

          Order was from the lady owner of Luvlythots for her online store. Minimum order for this personalized boxes is 500pcs. If you are interested to get them in less than 500pcs, please visit her blog.

          Monday, March 22, 2010

          Akademi Audit Negara

          Occasionally we'd receive orders from corporate clients for premium items such as these personalized mugs. You can either opt to buy your own mugs and have them printed by us or use mugs from our stocks. Many thanks to Hasnidar & Nurhani.

          Sunday, March 21, 2010

          Azizah & Radhi

          With the size of 90mm X 166mm, this card is suitable for those who want something simple yet pretty. Price is subject to quantity & type of paper. The original artwork is here.

          Wednesday, March 17, 2010

          The hectic week.

          A week! That was exactly how much time we had to pull things together for an engagement function. On a Friday, I was informed by a dear friend, a colleague of hers was getting engaged in the next seven days.

          There were wedding favors, souvenirs for VIP guests, 9 trays of hantaran, centerpieces for VIP tables and a hundred other things on the to-do list.

          The good news is we managed to get everything done, as perfectly as possible, just in time before the event. It was an excellent teamwork effort and I'd like to think that my teammate and I are a perfect match. Thanks dear!

          Monday, March 8, 2010

          Playing with colours II

          Wanie wanted to use the same design here but with her choice of colours after refering to this blog.

          Playing with colours

          Once the initial artwork is done, the clients will be able to choose colours according to the wedding/event theme & concept. We will advise on colours choices and links to reference websites will be provided so clients could pick the right colour combo and codes.

          Saturday, March 6, 2010

          Ayisha & Aliyya's birthday picnic

          Our daughters, Ayisha turned 4 on 6th march and Aliyya, 2, on 22nd February this year.

          Our earlier plan was to have a picnic at our regular picnic spot, Sungai Congkak. But some of the guests are not familiar with the route, so we finally decided it was best to have the birthday celebration near to our home. So, next to the pool it was. Here are some of the photos of the day.

          Everything was done d.i.y to match the 'Jungle animals' theme. Most of the decorations are ones we already have in our home. Others are bought at discounted rate. I spent about a week hunting for items for the favor packs. I love the thrift shops and RM1.99 stores, and even small and not so popular bookshops. If you look hard enough, you could find hidden treasures. We gave out wooden puzzles and pencils or crayons with animal prints for the older kids and animal soft toys coin purses and mini animal story books for the toddlers.

          We had homemade chocolate on wooden sticks, homemade pudding and jelly for desserts and sweet treats bags. For a personalized look, I printed animals cartoon on sticker papers. Guests are welcome to fill up the treat bags on their own and secure those with wooden pegs, which I had glued, personalized tags a few days earlier.

          Other personalized items are mugs and t-shirts for the birthday girls.

          Thank you, my sister Basyira, for the birthday cake, my girlfriends, Darlene & Arneeda for homemade nasi lemak & pudding, and Fatimah, my sister-in-law, you've been a great help.

          To Amsyar the Superboy & Ryan the junior Tarzan, thanks for gracing our party.

          Last but not least, to our guests, we appreaciate your coming to our small and humble celebration.

          Click on the above photos for larger view and please visit our Facebook page for more.

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