Friday, January 28, 2011

          Design process

          Normally, upon accepting an order, I will ask for some sample photos/images to visually explain what the customer wants. These samples will help me to understand the directions of your theme/concept. If no samples are available, I will do a quick research on the theme/concept. I heavily advise all my customers to be extra clear on your request prior to the initial design process. Please provide as much input as possible during the discussion, which will be followed by an initial draft. However, if a customer decides to have a totally new artwork, an extra RM50.00 is levied.

          I will then, continue working on the artwork until the customers give their final approval to go into print. 

          Don't worry, it's not as complicated as you think.

          Haninadia & Syam

          What or who inspired the look of your wedding card? Nadia wanted a background of damask wallpaper with a chandelier. And knowing that her mother is a big fan of Vantage Porcelainwares, Nadia also asked for a Vantage-inspired flower as well. I was hesitant at first, having too many elements to work with. My first & foremost worry was, the card would look overcrowded, with all the different items put together on one page. But, who could turn down such thoughtful request? 

          Thank you Nadia for your patience. I wish you all the very best. 

          Set of Essential 450 package.
          Additional RSVP cards on 260gsm artcard, size of 90mm x 54mm.

          Thursday, January 20, 2011

          Haliza Hadfizah & Kapt. Safarul Izhar

          I tried to write a dedication to our teachers and men & women in the armed forces but could not find the right words so I leave you with these.

          Dedication I
          Singer: Saloma
          Song Title : Perwira
          Dikaulah harapan hati 
          Penghibur kala sunyi 
          Pergilah berbakti 
          Membela pertiwi

          Janganlah kekanda bimbang 
          Untuk pergi berjuang 
          Andainya kau gugur 
          Jasamu dikenang

          Dengarlah lagu kucipta 
          Gubahan mesra nan manja 
          Sebagai ganti diri 
          Bersama kau berbakti 
          Untuk ibu pertiwi

          Kekanda di medan perang 
          Adinda di medan seni 
          Sama-sama berjuang 
          Sama-sama berbakti 
          Semoga tabah hati

          Majulah kekanda maju jangan undur 
          Dinda mohon doa restu 
          Rela sehidup semati bersamamu 

          Dedication II

          BERBURU ke padang datar
          Dapat rusa belang kaki
          Berguru kepala ajar
          Ibarat bunga kembang tak jadi
          (dedikasi kepada Hari Guru dan guruku tercinta)

          Dialah pemberi paling setia
          Tiap akar ilmu miliknya
          Pelita dan lampu segala
          Untuk manusia sebelum jadi dewasa.

          Dialah ibu dialah bapa juga sahabat
          Alur kesetiaan mengalirkan nasihat
          Pemimpin yang ditauliahkan segala umat
          Seribu tahun katanya menjadi hikmat.

          Jika hari ini seorang Perdana Menteri berkuasa
          Jika hari ini seorang Raja menaiki takhta
          Jika hari ini seorang Presiden sebuah negara
          Jika hari ini seorang ulama yang mulia
          Jika hari ini seorang peguam menang bicara
          Jika hari ini seorang penulis terkemuka
          Jika hari ini siapa sahaja menjadi dewasa;
          Sejarahnya dimulakan oleh seorang guru biasa
          Dengan lembut sabarnya mengajar tulis-baca.

          Di mana-mana dia berdiri di muka muridnya
          Di sebuah sekolah mewah di Ibu Kota
          Di bangunan tua sekolah Hulu Terengganu
          Dia adalah guru mewakili seribu buku;
          Semakin terpencil duduknya di ceruk desa
          Semakin bererti tugasnya kepada negara.
          Jadilah apa pun pada akhir kehidupanmu, guruku
          Budi yang diapungkan di dulangi ilmu
          Panggilan keramat "cikgu" kekal terpahat
          Menjadi kenangan ke akhir hayat.

          What's all this dedication about?

          You see, both Haliza & Kapten Safarul are from Kelantan. However, Kapten Safarul is now assigned to the border of Malaysia/Indonesia and Haliza is teaching in Tambunan, Sabah. That's a sacrifice not many of us are willing to make.

          Wedding invitation card with doily paper
          Folded 166mm x 91mm / 260gsm artcard

          Thank you tag
          90mm x 54mm / 260gsm artcard

          720dpi / 2' x 6' tarpaulin canvas

          Monday, January 17, 2011

          Faezah & Fauzy

          This is the second repeat design order for the three-heart invitation card and I have one more to go. The first repeat design is here. Faezah's colour palette has a combination of brown & golden yellow. I put in two shades of purple for a contrasting look. I did some minor editing such as adding a lace effect & rearranging the layout of the card & tag front cover.

          Set of Essential 450 package

          Friday, January 14, 2011

          Newlyweds Tee

          A t-shirt specially designed for honeymoon-ers out there. Printed by Zicco, we are selling it at RM60 each. Why such a high price? It's made from high quality white microfiber which holds prints the best. Digitally printed so each design is highly detailed & due to Zicco's unique printing method, the print won't crack or peel. More great news, Zicco now delivers worldwide!

          Please click image for enlarged view.

          Want to buy a pair? or two? Here's how to order.

          Email these details of your chosen tee to :
          1. Design Code
          2. Size - for size chart, please click here
          3. Quantity
          4. Delivery address
          5. Proof of payment (Online transfer receipt/ATM deposit slip/bank-in slip etc.).

          Thank you Ell. Have a safe trip & fun honeymoon-ning!

          Wednesday, January 12, 2011

          Sarah & Syed Mohd Ridzuwan

          I'd like to think of myself as a graphic designer. And as a designer, I constantly need new assignments that could improve my skills. So, when Sarah approached me, with her request, I immediately said yes. 

          The assignment was to design a wedding card resembling a cover of a local daily newspaper. Anyone wish to take a guess, where do this couple go to work? 

          Thank you Sarah. I wish you two, all the best & may you have a wonderful wedding.

          Monday, January 10, 2011

          More bunting artworks

          View their wedding invitation cards here

          IZRIN & ANUAR 
          View their wedding invitation cards here

          LAILA & TAJUL
          View their wedding invitation cards here

          Thursday, January 6, 2011

          Essential 450 Package

          The response is so much better than I had anticipated, e-mails, Facebook messages are pouring in. Thank you so much for your kind interest. But I think I should explain further, what does this package offer, here in my blog.
          1. The basic price is RM450.00. Full upgrades will only cost you RM650.
          2. It includes artwork design & plain envelopes which you could choose either cream or pink in colour.
          3. The invitation is a one-piece, non-folded card. 
          4. It is full-colour print on both sides of the card. So, you could have two invitations & two maps on each card.
          5. The size of thank you tags is at the maximum of 90mm x 54mm and 40mm x 40mm at minimum. You may choose any size within that range. Yes, we have round tags and other types & sizes but they are not offered in this package.
          6. The additional 500 pieces are of the same design only. The same term applies to thank you tags.
          7. I will create designs for the tags & bunting, similar to your invitation cards.
          8. There's no deadlines, yet. 
          Do e-mail me if you are interested and then I will reply with a from & a list of order procedure.

          Please read our F.A.Q for further information. Thank you very much.

          Wednesday, January 5, 2011

          Package 2 : Essential 500

          Introducing our second package, the Essential 500. The price? RM500. The quantity & material are like those in Essential 450 package but with the exception of the invitation card which has a bigger size, 180mm x 110mm. It also offers the same upgrades & freebies. 

          If you wish, you could add another 500 pieces of the same design with an extra charge of just RM200. Additional 1000 pieces of tags will cost you only RM50. And for those who order the full upgrade of RM250, will get five, laminated A3-size direction signages.

          Some of the artworks designed with the same dimensions are here, here & here.

          sample design of direction signage

          Tuesday, January 4, 2011

          Package 1 : Essential 450

          To welcome the year 2011, I decided to upgrade the RM450 package and now it's named the Essential450. The price is RM450 still but, instead of 260gsm artcard, we are now offering 230gsm ivory white card. The differences? Ivory white card has a smoother paper-like surface &  it is the whitest card material. Personally it's one of my favourite paper. Ivory white cards are not as expensive as fine linen or fine vein or other textured paper, but they are clean and solid, and they also project a more professional image than the normal artcard.

          If the 500 pieces invitation cards are not enough, you could add another 500 pieces of the same design with an extra charge of just RM150. Additional 1000 pieces of tags will cost you only RM50. And for those who order the full upgrade of RM200, will get five, laminated A3-size direction signages.

          Another note, there's no deadlines. It will be available as long as there's a demand.

          sample design of direction signage

          Seri Wani & Faliq

          Seri & I communicated via emails. I met most of my customers only once, when they came to pick up their orders. Many managed to convey their ideas clearly through writings. Just like Laila, Seri wanted the doily but not the extra cost. So again, I used the digital image of a doily paper. 

          Invitation card
          90mm x 166mm
          230 white ivory card

          2’ X 6’ 
          High-quality water-proof tarpaulin canvas
          Full colour 720dpi
          2 PVC piping
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