Monday, November 15, 2010

          I love tulip

          The tulip, originally grew wild in Persia, was first cultivated in Turki as early as 1000AD. According to the Persian legend, a boy named Farhad, fell in love with a beautiful girl, Shirin. Sadly one day, he heard that she had been killed. His life shattered to pieces and he was crushed by sorrow. He then mounted his favorite horse and galloped over a cliff to his death. And a tulip grew from each drop of his blood that trickled onto the ground, a symbol of his perfect love. Due to this, the red tulip became a symbol of passionate love in ancient Persia. 

          It was so often found in Persian poetry, songs and paintings that the tulips were considered the symbol of Ottoman Empire. The tulip was introduced in Western Europe & the Netherlands in 17th century and Holland has been the main breeder and supplier of hundreds of  tulip species for hundreds of years.

          Tulip is my favourite flower. To me, it personifies a lady of graceful charm and humble beauty. I'd gladly accept any opportunity to work on tulips inspired design. 

          Congratulations to Izrin & Khairul Anuar. 
          My best wishes for your wedding & future life together as a husband and a wife.

          1 comment:

          1. design tulip ni pun lawa gak kan...
            straight forward je..
            sis...nti jgn lupe tgk kat inbox FB k..huhu
            TQ :)


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