Friday, October 29, 2010

          Of Stickers & Tags

          Besides our standard size thank you tags & stickers, we do have a few more options for those with bigger budgets. Please be kindly reminded that the minimum order for the ones listed below is 500 pieces, unless stated otherwise. If you wish to order less than that, please go to Luvlythots. Do forward you inquiries to Fasya, the blog owner. Don't worry, she won't bite.

          80mm x 80mm / 260gsm art card:
          500pcs (RM150)
          1000pcs (RM200)
          1500pcs (RM250)
          2000pcs (RM300)

          80mm x 80mm / 80gsm mirrokote stickers. 
          500pcs (RM210)
          1000pcs (RM370)
          1500pcs (RM540)
          2000pcs (RM700)

          182 mm x 54mm / 260gsm art card:
          100pcs RM75.00
          200pcs RM85.00
          300pcs RM95.00
          500pcs RM110.00
          1000pcs RM140.00
          1500pcs RM190.00
          2000pcs RM250.00

          Please contact Luvlythots for price quotation if the order is less than 500pcs (80mm x 80mm tags & stickers).


          1. It is nice i am contacted with blog owner so me going ..::))hahah
            Have nice day ..!!!

          2. Pm saya harga utk stiker boleh lekat. 5cm x 4cm. 1000pcs. tq


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