Wednesday, August 25, 2010

          The story of Ell's chandeliers.

          Ell emailed me, specifically requesting a card with an English theme, with chandeliers & doily papers. She even made a not-so-simple sketch to visually explain what she had in mind. I've seen a lot of chandelier-inspired wedding card and from my point of view, they all look the same, with chandeliers hanging at the top & centre of the cards, or at the very left or right of them. But I wanted to do something a little bit different for Ell.

          After much thoughts, I decided to do a background with, not just one chandelier, but a bunch of them. I did not tell this to Ell. Once I've done with the artwork, I emailed her the draft for her feedback without any justification on my design. I wanted Ell to see & judge for herself. I was thinking, if she like it, that would be nice. If not, maybe my idea is just not good enough.

          A while later, came her reply, "k.durra, thx so much! i was jumping to the sky 1st time i saw it ok! :)". I thought that's more than nice. That's simply great!

          And then I read her blog (please click to read). I was on cloud 9!

          Ell took the RM450 package.
          The above artwork are her main invitation card and thank you tag.
          The banner is on hold, waiting for her pre-wed photos.

          Her VIP invitation card, with thank you tag for the her Kelantan reception.
          The VIP card will be printed on elegant 210gsm fine linen paper and its' finishing will be handmade.

          Thank you so much Ell for your kind words.
          You have my pray and may Allah grant all your wishes of a happily-ever-after-life with your darling FH.

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          1. akak..tatau pun akak buat entry psl sya..hehe nway thx..n u deserve d credits 4 ur great job!;b


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