Monday, June 27, 2011

          Izdihar & Surya

          This is our last update before the wedding expo. I had known that the preparation could be a gigantic task for a tiny business entity like ours. But it is fun too! Especially the design-our-booth part and oh! the shoppings. 

          Ok. let's skip that. 

          Surya & Izs asked for a combination of this and this. I went for a simple look and came up with this set. 

          Wedding invitation
          folded 180mm x 110mm
          230gsm ivory white card

          Their thank you tag had special touch. Sue ordered a few handmade stamps from Mango of, who's also a Facebook friend of mine. Oh, what an artist she is! And I admire her handiwork so much! After acquiring the permission to use the original artwork from Mango, the owner of, I continued working on the tag. 
          90mm x 54mm

          I was given a draft with specific instructions on how her buntings should look like. With a twist, here and there, we ended up with these.
          2' x 6'

          Free A3-size signages for orders with full upgrades, with fluorescent-colour arrow stickers.

          My heartiest congratulation goes to the newlyweds. Selamat Pengantin Baru Izs & Sue!


          1. tq for sharing kak durra! well done :)

          2. kalu sy nk order mcm ni bole ke? brape ye? =)


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