Tuesday, February 16, 2010

          Not just another picnic.

          Our daughters birthday dates are only 2 weeks apart. My husband and I decided to have a double celebration. Inspired by the previous outdoor birthday picnic, I am now planning a potluck picnic, this time with a jungle animals theme. We chose a familiar place, one where we always go to for a family picnic. We are on a tight budget so it will be a closed & private function. We apologize to those who are not on the guests list this year. Perhaps we could arrange more outdoor functions later.

          With the limited budget, we have to plan very carefully so not a cent goes to waste. On the positive side, the creative part of the brain has to work extra hard. Almost everything has to be done d.i.y style. The creative juice is just flowing just like the river of Sungai Congkak, where the picnic will take place. There will be games for kids and adults too. Here is my inspiration board for our potluck picnic.

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