Thursday, December 8, 2011

          Package 4 : Silver 750

          The second package of folded cards is Silver 750. Priced at RM750, below are the details of this package.

          1. This is a folded card with close size of 110mm x 180mm, open size of 180mm x 220mm. 
          2. The basic price is RM750.00. Full upgrades of 1000 pieces cards, 2000 pieces tags and 2 buntings, will only cost you RM1100, which come with ten laminated A3-size, direction signage for free.
          3. It includes artwork design & plain envelopes which you could choose either cream or pink in colour.
          4. It is full-colour print on both sides of the card. So, you could have two invitations & two maps on each card.
          5. The size of thank you tags is at the maximum of 90mm x 54mm and 40mm x 40mm at minimum. You may choose any size within that range. Yes, we have round tags and other types & sizes but they are not offered in this package.
          6. The additional 500 pieces are of the same design only. The same term applies to thank you tags.
          7. I will create designs for the tags & bunting, similar to your invitation cards unless requested otherwise.

          Some of the artworks designed with the same dimensions are this, and this.

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