Wednesday, May 4, 2011

          Az Akma & Masruri

          This seemingly simple design was one of the most difficult to come up with. My task was to create an invitation card of a sporty theme, that is both simple & classic. Not sure if 'sporty', 'simple' and 'classic' could go together nor was I given any samples or draft to start my work with, I had to do a bit of research on my own. Yes, by research, I mean, 'googling', and I came across this website,

          Unfortunately, I left the website uninspired. After a while, I found myself browsing through all sorts of sports equipments and peripherals. Eventually, after days of fruitless research I decided to move forward by choosing the 1986 World Cup ball. Below are the full final set of wedding invitation, thank you tags & bunting.

          Wedding invitation card
          Folded 166mm x 90mm

          Thank you tags
          90mm x 54mm & 50mm x 40mm

          2' x 6'

          The inspiration : Azteca, Mexico 1986 World Cup Official Ball.

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