Wednesday, March 16, 2011

          Hajar & Ariff

          I have to thank Hajar & Ariff, not only for these orders, but also for their effort. They have a very proper layout of their wedding card. The samples are straightforward, I know exactly what they want. Colour codes are accordingly listed for my easy references and they even took time to look up for the specific type of fonts. The only thing I had to do,was to coordinate all the above and design their dream wedding card. 

          Hajar's wedding invitation card
          folded 166mm x 90mm
          230gsm ivory white card 

          40mm x 40mm
          80gsm glossy mirrorkote

          Ariff's wedding invitation card
          Size 110mm x 182mm
          230gsm ivory white card 

          Hajar & Ariff, thank you very much. I wish you both, all the best & may you have a wonderful wedding.

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