Saturday, April 17, 2010

          Creating a "Night of 1001 Arabian Dreams"

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          Alhamdulillah, after the 1st attempt planning an engagement kenduri a few months back, we are given another shot at wedding planning. This time around, for a private wedding reception, a month from now. Again, working under pressure, we're committed to give the best.

          The theme, A Night of 1001 Arabian Dreams, is what we've proposed to our client. They've agreed to it, and so we are challenging ourselves to arrange an event as elaborate as time permit. The decor works includes tabletop ornaments, poolside furnishing, pergola aisle, registration table, photo booth, live band, exclusive handmade invitation & favors, to name a few. We will also coordinate the costume for the waiters & waitresses. Hey! It's a theme party. And we love working on the details.

          Do check out our blog for more updates soon. We will be giving tips on planning an Arabian wedding theme.

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